Monday, August 1, 2016

Back on the Trail /Soo Line

Some Sunflowers spotted at an antique shop on the way to the Soo Line Trail

After many years absence we are back on the biking trails!!!!:)

 Riding the Soo Line Trail from Sartell to Holdingford, MN

 On the trail we saw the most beautiful fields, soybean, corn, alfalfa, wheat. The Sky unbelievably gorgeous!

           Thistles exploding!


Cutest free library ever. Found at a quaint restaurant in Bowls MN. 

 Getting back on the trail in Bowls.

Love the colors and contrast in this photo. The gold in the middle ( tops (husks) of ripening corn)  was more intense then in the photo against the green/black of the tress in shadow.

 Nice smooth trail, an easy ride.

Signs of summer's end.

Riding over the Dam is like riding past a giant air conditioner, very cool.

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