Monday, September 5, 2016

Wobegan Trail St. Joseph to Albany

 It was a cloudy windy day but oh so beautiful. The hills in the back ground where a deep sea blue.  Fall colors beginning to show, but still a lot of green.

A Wasps nest. I was afraid to get too close, hence the zoom fuzz.

If you enlarge the picture you will see the steeple of the church in the next town. Always a happy sight for me , it is our half way rest stop ...and ice cream stop!

Dots, spot were the pattern of the day. I am always looking for inspiration for my art work.

Love this sign!

Again if you enlarge the photo you'll see the tractor-trailer working in the field, I just find so much peace here.

Monday, August 22, 2016

26 Miles on the Chippewa River Trail

What an absolute gorgeous day!!! Simply makes me so happy to be out on the trail on such a perfect day, so grateful for all the beauty and peace. Food for my soul!

                                    There are many lovely bridges over a wandering river.

 We detoured off the Chippewa River Trail to ride the Red Cedar Trail to Downsville, WI.

 The Red Cedar Trail is gravel. Through the prairie ,where the gravel was dry, it was a work out but once we reached the forest it was almost as smooth as black top.

      Sumac still green, won't be long before it is brilliant reds and oranges.


 Our turn around point was Downsville where we got local made ice cream and stopped for a visit at one of our favorite Potters studio and shop. They have a wonderful garden of which Homayoon took many photos while I pined over the pottery.

                                   On the way back the trail looked like it had stripes.

                                             I know I have a thing for barns.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Back on the Trail /Soo Line

Some Sunflowers spotted at an antique shop on the way to the Soo Line Trail

After many years absence we are back on the biking trails!!!!:)

 Riding the Soo Line Trail from Sartell to Holdingford, MN

 On the trail we saw the most beautiful fields, soybean, corn, alfalfa, wheat. The Sky unbelievably gorgeous!

           Thistles exploding!


Cutest free library ever. Found at a quaint restaurant in Bowls MN. 

 Getting back on the trail in Bowls.

Love the colors and contrast in this photo. The gold in the middle ( tops (husks) of ripening corn)  was more intense then in the photo against the green/black of the tress in shadow.

 Nice smooth trail, an easy ride.

Signs of summer's end.

Riding over the Dam is like riding past a giant air conditioner, very cool.

Friday, June 21, 2013


"Closest thing you can get to flying while still being on the ground." Chales Youel

Monday, June 3, 2013

Uphill To Mt. Horeb

Is this headless post saying "HI"?

Nothing more beautiful then riding through a shower of blossoms on a beautiful spring day.

Cool sign going no where :)

Some cute barns can be seen on the Military Ridge Trail from Verona to Mt Horeb WI.

"How to entertain yourself while waiting for your people to catch up."

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spring 2013

So we did our first biking trip really late this year. Like spring we were slow to get's distraction. Typical to our first ride of the  season I forgot my camera. However I have been walking the trail almost every day since so I have a few shots. It is the Sugarbush Creek Trail near Verona WI.

 I've been walking the trail with my parents.

 The walking pace allows for bird watching. We are beginning to learn the names and songs of the birds around here, including the loud Sandhill Crane. Which we have heard and seen flying ,but not close enough for a good picture. I will keep trying.