Monday, August 22, 2016

26 Miles on the Chippewa River Trail

What an absolute gorgeous day!!! Simply makes me so happy to be out on the trail on such a perfect day, so grateful for all the beauty and peace. Food for my soul!

                                    There are many lovely bridges over a wandering river.

 We detoured off the Chippewa River Trail to ride the Red Cedar Trail to Downsville, WI.

 The Red Cedar Trail is gravel. Through the prairie ,where the gravel was dry, it was a work out but once we reached the forest it was almost as smooth as black top.

      Sumac still green, won't be long before it is brilliant reds and oranges.


 Our turn around point was Downsville where we got local made ice cream and stopped for a visit at one of our favorite Potters studio and shop. They have a wonderful garden of which Homayoon took many photos while I pined over the pottery.

                                   On the way back the trail looked like it had stripes.

                                             I know I have a thing for barns.

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